Tracey George – COO, TPP Recruitment

Tracey’s family comprises of her husband and two daughters, aged 10 and 13.

Tracey has enjoyed a successful career in the staffing and employment industry since 2000, having progressed over the years from working as a Consultant to COO.  Today she is both a shareholder and Director of TPP Recruitment.

With an educational background in psychology, Tracey is also an Accredited Thomas International Practitioner in Psychometric tools/assessments and has a keen interest in mental health.  More recently, Tracey completed a Coaching Accreditation with The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Tracey’s fundamental belief is that everyone has the capability of securing and retaining fulfilling work, however, this can come in many different forms and the way to unlock this capability and secure the perfect job, is through self-awareness, reflection and confidence.

Some of her personal areas of interest are:

  • Employability support
  • Gender equality 
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Bereavement support and mental wellbeing

What is the biggest piece of learning or the best advice you’d like to share when it comes to combining a senior leadership career with raising young children?

Whilst in quite a fast changing and ever evolving period of your life with a young family, focus on making your arrangements and support structures as flexible and agile as possible and adopt that mindset yourself too.  Prepare your employer for the ever-evolving journey you are embarking on as a parent - everything changes… all of the time!  Oh and, batch cook family meals!

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