#20 Leaders with Babies – Dr. Martha Deiros Collado

Episode 20 – Dr. Martha Deiros Collado

Dr. Martha Deiros Collado shares how to talk to children about coronavirus

This past week has been life-changing for all of us and like many other parents, we wish to ensure that our children do not bear any long term scars from this turbulent and unsettling period.

On this week’s podcast, we are doing something a little different and we are sharing the audio from our recent webinar with Dr. Martha Deiros Collado, which focused on talking to young children about Coronavirus.

Dr. Martha is a clinical psychologist supporting children who go through severe illness and trauma.

During the discussion, she tells us honestly about how young children express anxiety, what we should say to them and how to deal with it when you yourself are experiencing strong emotions in front of the children.

The session focuses mainly on toddlers and preschoolers but is also very relevant to primary school-age children. We hope you find it useful.

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