Supporting Your Partner’s Career Progression

supporting your partner's career progression

Supporting your partner's career progression

Thursday, February 10 12.00pm, Virtual Event

At this interactive webinar, you will learn more about how to support your partner's career progression. We believe it is one of the most romantic things you can do on Valentine's day!

You will understand the research behind career progression, the research behind how relationships impact careers and get practical ideas on how to support your partner.

This webinar is for you if you are a partner of someone who has significant childcare responsibility, e.g. who has taken maternity leave or who has young children in Primary school but is still ambitious about their career progression.

We expect that many of the attendees, although not all, may be male and therefore a lot of the content will focus on how to support women's career progression.

The investment for this session is £95.00.

10 February 2022 | 12.00pm | Virtual Event

About Your Host and Speakers

Verena Hefti - CEO & Founder of Leaders PlusVerena Hefti FRSA, CEO & Founder, Leaders Plus

Verena Hefti is the multi award winning CEO of our social enterprise Leaders Plus and host of the five start rated Big Careers Small Children podcast. She has supported hundreds of ambitious parent who have successfully returned to senior careers after maternity leave/shared parental leave and adoption leave and enjoys bringing like minded people together who aren't afraid to challenge thinking. Verena also runs the award winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme which supports ambitious working parents who wish to accelerate their careers.