Sophie Stephenson – Associate Facilitator

Sophie Stephenson - Associate Facilitator

Sophie is a deep specialist in the Thinking Environment. As one of only 20 members of the Global Faculty for Time to Think, she trains, qualifies, supervises, and supports people to become certified to share the Thinking Environment professionally. 

She has worked for herself for the past 12 years and has over 25 years of professional experience in Leadership, Coaching, Facilitation, Strategy, and Personal Development. Before having her two children (Jem, 9 and Una, 7), Sophie spent over 10 years in Australia working at an executive level in a large multinational company. At the start of her career, she was an Officer in the Royal Navy and has led teams for the Princes Trust Volunteers.  Along the way, she’s managed a restaurant, run a wine shop, and worked in more offices than she cares to remember. 

In all her facilitation, Sophie creates safe spaces where people know their voices matter, where they can think for and as themselves and where they have an opportunity to question their assumptions and challenge their thinking. She helps people discover they are already enough and gives them time and space to trust this is true.

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