Sarah Atkinson – CEO, The Social Mobility Foundation

Sarah Atkinson, Chief Executive, The Social Mobility FoundationHaving started my career in the private sector, and built my leadership experience in the public sector, I am now a charity chief executive.

The Social Mobility Foundation works to make sure disadvantaged young people can achieve their potential, directly supporting 2000 young people each year on our programme and campaigning and advocating for change.

My background is in communications and public policy and I’m also experienced in strategy, change management, regulation and governance.

I’m committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and have been a trustee and volunteer mentor for a number of organisations working particularly with women and girls.

What is the biggest piece of learning or the best advice you’d like to share when it comes to combining a senior leadership career with raising young children?

Everybody you are looking at, thinking that they have it nailed while you feel so inadequate? They are all looking at you, thinking that you have it nailed while they feel so inadequate.

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