Negotiating Flexible Working for Senior Roles

Flexible Working - A Guide to Making Your Flexible Working Request

Would you like to work flexibly in a senior leadership role?

It is easy to imagine that post Covid-19 the flexible working argument is solved, however many line managers still have deep-rooted fears around losing control or a perceived lack of performance.

For many working parents, adopting a flexible working approach is crucial for them to be able to stay on the leadership pipeline at work and progress into more senior roles. 

By clearly outlining your flexible working request using our framework, you can take control of the conversation and support your line manager to feel comfortable about flexible working and the many benefits it offers.

Our Negotiating Flexible Working Guide is created especially for senior leaders and will give you a solid, step-by-step guide for making a successful flexible working request in a senior role.

Negotiating Your Flexible Working Request for Senior Roles
  • It includes space to map out your own flexible working vision based on the red lines you need to survive and the golden lines you need to thrive.
  • It will equip you with strategies to position your flexible working request as an opportunity, taking into account your manager's core values.
  • It will provide a framework for identifying your manager's fears, including ways to mitigate them.
  • It also includes examples of high impact leaders who work flexibly, as well as links to the latest research on flexible working.
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