Pilot: Leaders Plus Fellowship for Parents of Primary Age Children

Due to the popularity of the Fellowship, we have been approached by a number of parents whose children are at Primary school age.

As a result, we are developing a Leaders Plus Fellowship Primary pilot this year for parents of children at primary school age if there is enough interest.

You may feel that you have plateaued in your career and that you want to restart the career engine, or you may be on an upward trajectory and are keen to continue to progress up the ladder but want to do that in a way that you can be present in your family in a way that works for you.

We have consulted with parents of Primary School-age children, and the programme will look like this:

Leaders Plus Fellowship Kick-Off event (9 March 2020, half-day): you will hear from a range of inspirational speakers about how they have combined their career with young children. You will get to know the other Primary Fellows in the cohort and agree on how to support each other. You will attend this event jointly with the Leaders with Babies Fellows, so there will be babies in the room.

Leaders Plus Mentor matching (20 April, half-day): you will be matched with a senior leader mentor who you will work with over the next 9 months and meet at least four times. S/he will have experience of juggling an ambitious career with children. She will listen to what you need, what your hopes for the future are and how to get there. Again, you will attend this event jointly with the Leaders with Babies group.

You will then have 2 full-day workshops focused on developing your vision and your career in the context of having children.

You will be challenged to think big and you will have a chance as a peer group to work through key barriers and assumptions. Issues that may come up may include positioning yourself so that people know you are high potential for the next level up, overcoming workload issues or finding someone at work who sponsors and supports you.

You may also exchange practical issues such as managing the holiday childcare or how you access key information from the parent grapevine if you are not always at the school gate. You will also think together with the rest of your cohort about how you can support others in the workplace and beyond.

You will access the workshop with your line manager, where s/he will access some of the latest research around supporting parents at work. You will attend this workshop jointly with Leaders with Babies Fellows.

You then have the option to join a series of two evening webinars with your partner to explore how you can support each other to achieve your vision for your career and family life.

Final event (half-day): in the spirit of developing a movement for positive change, you will consider how you can support other parents outside the Fellowship and you will be able to invite senior leaders in your organisation and share with them your recommendations. This event is again jointly with colleagues from the Leaders with Babies cohort.

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