Podcast Episodes With Working Dads From Big Careers Small Children

Big Careers Small Children is a podcast hosted by Leaders Plus founder Verena Hefti MBE.

In each episode, Verena interviews working parents - honestly and informally - on topics relating to progressing their careers while enjoying their young children.

There are lots of breadwinner expectations on dads and we know that their flexible working requests are twice as likely to be rejected than mums. So, if you are a dad and want to work flexibly, does this mean sacrificing your career aspirations?

On the podcast, a number of working dads in senior roles have shared their stories of exploring more flexible working options that allow them to be present at home with their family, continue with their ambitious careers and enable their partners to progress their careers equally while raising small children.

Listen to their stories below.

We believe that no parent should have to choose between progressing the career they love and enjoying their young children.

Through the Big Careers, Small Children podcast and our award-winning Fellowship Programme, we help working parents to get to senior leadership positions, without having to sacrifice being present with their young families.

We're creating a world where nobody needs to choose between becoming a CEO and raising a family. 

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Chris Bryant talks working part time in a senior role on the Leaders With Babies PodcastEpisode 38 – Working Part-Time in a Senior Role, Getting Paid Fairly & Learning to Say No!

Legal trailblazer Chris Bryant shares how he makes working 3 days a week as a partner at the international law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner work for his family, including how to negotiate part-time pay and why it’s important we all learn how to say ‘no’ when necessary.

Dom Holmes - Head of Employment Taylor Vintners talks Flexible WorkingEpisode 33 – How to Work Part-Time in a Senior Client Facing Role & How to Make Smart Career Choices Based on Your Values

Taylor Vinters Head of Employment Law Dom Holmes shares how to work part-time in a senior client-facing role and how to make smart career choices based on your values

Episode 86 – Ian Dinwiddy – Supporting Dads to Make Brave Decisions, Removing Barriers Around Shared Parental Leave & Why Gender Equality at Home Influences Work

Ian Dinwiddy, Founder of Inspiring Dads talks making brave decisions around parenting and work and why gender equality must start at home.

Big Careers, Small Children - Dr Tom Bashford and Catherine MugeEpisode 121 – How to Navigate Shared Parental Leave as a Dual Career Couple

Dr Tom Bashford and Catherine Muge share their two experiences of Shared Parental Leave, as well as their views on the importance of role modelling equality for their sons.

Tim Allen Shared Parental Leave PWCEpisode 11 – Tim Allen

In the first episode of Series 2 Verena chats to Tim Allen from PWC, a pioneer in taking Shared Parental Leave (SPL). They chat practicalities of SPL, including how to ensure you don’t miss out when it comes to future appraisals and pay rises.

Episode 5 – Nick Wilkie

Nick Wilkie, CEO at the NCT joins Verena to discuss his career break, judgement of parents and how to get a CEO job after taking a year out with the kids.

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast

Episode 90 – Guy Duncan-Neale – How to Have a Big Career, be Present with Your Kids and Work ‘Normal’ Hours

Guy Duncan Neale, Head of Global Internal Audit Transformation at HSBC, talks progressing your senior career in banking whilst working ‘normal’ hours and being present with your children.

Elliott Rae - Music Football FatherhoodEpisode 74 – Equal Parenting, Masculinity & Dads Mental Health

Elliott Rae, founder of Music Football Fatherhood joins us to discuss equal parenting, masculinity and dads mental health. Plus why he’s doing things differently.

Ruth and Colin Stuart Leaders With Babies PodcastEpisode 15 – Ruth and Colin Stuart

This week Verena chats to our first ever couple, Ruth and Colin Stuart, who candidly share the behind the scenes of their family life juggling two ambitious careers and making work work around their young daughter.

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