Podcast Episodes With Senior Leaders Working Part-Time From Big Careers Small Children

Big Careers Small Children is a podcast hosted by Leaders Plus founder Verena Hefti MBE.

In each episode, Verena interviews working parents - honestly and informally - on topics relating to progressing their careers while enjoying their young children.

There is an outdated assumption that the role of a senior leader comes with long hours and non-existent work-life boundaries. 

On the podcast, a number of senior leaders have shared their stories of successfully resizing roles with significant responsibility, including tips for empowering your teams, managing continuity of leadership and not burning out doing the work of a full-time job in just 3 or 4 days a week.

Listen to their stories below.

We believe that no parent should have to choose between progressing the career they love and enjoying their young children.

Through the Big Careers, Small Children podcast and our award-winning Fellowship Programme, we help working parents to get to senior leadership positions, without having to sacrifice being present with their young families.

We're creating a world where nobody needs to choose between becoming a CEO and raising a family. 

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Episode 134 Big Careers, Small Children: How to Move a Full Time Job to 3 or 4 Days Without Exhausting Yourself in the Process & Choosing Work Purposefully with Helen Gillett, COO, Board Member and Non-Exec DirectorEpisode 134 - Helen Gillett – How to Move a Full Time Job to 3 or 4 Days Without Exhausting Yourself in the Process & Choosing Work Purposefully

In this episode, Leaders Plus Senior Leader Mentor Helen Gillett shares her experience of successfully resizing jobs and finding purposeful work.

Episode 76 – Becoming a CEO, Working Flexibly & Making Brave Career Decisions

Vicky Fox, CEO of The Supreme Court shares her experience combining a senior leadership career and motherhood. Including why working part-time doesn’t mean you’re partly committed and how you can succeed even when you’re not sure of yourself.

Episode 42 – How to Reduce Your Hours Successfully, Including Reducing Accountability

HR Director Laura Harrison returns to offer practical advice for anyone looking to reduce their working hours, including how successfully reduce your hours down to 3 or 4 days and how to ensure you don’t end up still working full time for less pay.

Dom Holmes - Head of Employment Taylor Vintners talks Flexible Working

Episode 33 – How to Work Part-Time in a Senior Client Facing Role & How to Make Smart Career Choices Based on Your Values

Taylor Vinters Head of Employment Law Dom Holmes shares how to work part-time in a senior client-facing role and how to make smart career choices based on your values

Episode 131 – Tobi Asare on How to Negotiate a Pay Rise & Avoid the Part-Time Penalty & Practical Tips to Show Your Value at Work

As the first woman in her office location to go through the maternity leave process, Tobi found herself on a steep learning curve and became interested in how mums go on to build successful careers amidst the barriers that surround working mothers.

Amy Gibbs Leaders Plus Fellow CEO Birthrights

Episode 83 – Amy Gibbs – Becoming a CEO, Working 4 Days a Week, Setting Boundaries & Prioritising Self Care

Amy Gibbs, CEO of the charity Birthrights, discusses working 4 days a week in a senior role, burn out and the importance of self-care.

Chris Bryant talks working part time in a senior role on the Leaders With Babies PodcastEpisode 38 – Working Part-Time in a Senior Role, Getting Paid Fairly & Learning to Say No!

Legal trailblazer Chris Bryant shares how he makes working 3 days a week as a partner at the international law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner work for his family, including how to negotiate part-time pay and why it’s important we all learn how to say ‘no’ when necessary.

Susannah Hardyman CEO and Founder of Action Tutoring and Leaders Plus Fellow

Episode 7 – Susannah Hardyman

This week Leaders Plus Fellow and CEO of Action Tutoring Susannah Hardyman discusses miscarriage, managing workload, negotiating a pay rise and how to make a busy CEO job work in 4 days a week.

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