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22nd November 2023 is #EqualPayDay, the day when, because of the gender pay gap, women overall in the UK stop being paid compared to men.

We don't believe that it's acceptable for the Gender Pay Gap to still be here in 28 years from now (Fawcett Society). We know that a large part of the Gender Pay Gap is actually a Career Progression Gap, that disproportionately impacts women.

In recognition of Equal Pay Day, we have collated all of our Big Careers, Small Children podcast episodes on the subject and shared them below.

These conversations with experts provide practical tips for working parents who want to advocate for their own career (and pay) progression, and clear signposting for employers who truly want to address the Gender Pay Gap.

Big Careers Small Children is a podcast hosted by Leaders Plus founder Verena Hefti MBE.

In each episode, Verena interviews working parents - honestly and informally - on topics relating to progressing their careers while enjoying their young children. Listen to more episodes here.

Scroll down to listen to important conversations this Equal Pay Day.

Episode 131 – Tobi Asare on How to Negotiate a Pay Rise & Avoid the Part-Time Penalty & Practical Tips to Show Your Value at Work

As the first woman in her office location to go through the maternity leave process, Tobi found herself on a steep learning curve and became interested in how mums go on to build successful careers amidst the barriers that surround working mothers.

Claudia T MillerEpisode 65 – Equal Pay & Practical Tips for Securing the Pay Rise You Deserve

Senior Executive Coach and expert on all things pay, Claudia T Miller joins Verena to share practical tips on getting the pay rise you deserve, plus a discussion on equal pay.

Dr Lisa GroverEpisode 102 How to Prepare for Pay Negotiations – Dr. Lisa Grover

In practice, there’s always a bit of wriggle room for individual discussions and negotiations about pay says pay expert Dr. Lisa Grover. She shares her tips on this week’s podcast.

Paul Fisher - Leaders With Babies PodcastEpisode 22 – The Art of Negotiation: How to ask for a Pay Rise & Request Flexible Working

This week our guest Paul Fisher, an expert in negotiation, shares the latest thinking on the art of negotiation and persuasion, including top tips on how to secure a pay rise or get your flexible working request approved.

We believe that no parent should have to choose between progressing the career they love and enjoying their young children.

Through the Big Careers, Small Children podcast and our award-winning Fellowship Programme, we help working parents to get to senior leadership positions, without having to sacrifice being present with their young families.

We're creating a world where nobody needs to choose between becoming a CEO and raising a family. 

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