Partnering With Leaders Plus

We love to partner with employers, big or small, that share our vision for radical change.

Together we can support leaders with babies and young children to continue to thrive in their careers, regardless of their gender.

By partnering with Leaders Plus we can help you to retain talent by offering extensive support to working parents at a critical point in their lives when they are most likely to drop out of the talent pipeline.

There are a number of different partnership options available and we offer a range of attractive benefits for employers. Please get in touch to find out more.

Andrea Metherell - Orsted - Leaders Plus Fellowship

A Few of Our Existing Partners

We are proud to partner with the below employers and Royal Colleges who are committed to addressing the gender pay gap and driving positive change.

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Does Your Company Have a Gender Network for Employees?

Many employers have set up active networks focussed on issues like gender, parenting, flexible working, and other important areas to drive change, share best practice, and help support employees.

We are able to run bespoke online events for these groups and offer a number of facilitated practical workshops, which are informed by the latest research, to fit alongside your existing events schedule.

Please get in touch to register your network with Leaders Plus and to find out more about how we can work together.

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