Navdeep Kumar


Navdeep Kumar, Divisional Clinical Director RNENT & EDH UCLH

The skills acquired in my clinical career have established my reputation as a leader with multiple local, national and international roles, delivering effective change through engagement of multiple stakeholders.  I continue to drive transformation through innovation and engagement of diverse groups to deliver enhanced care for patients.


Early in my career I recognized that I wanted to champion the delivery of oral care for vulnerable patients. Although at the time there was no Special Care Dentistry (SCD) specialty, I identified opportunities to enhance my academic and clinical skills so that I could develop services and innovate patient pathways. Furthermore, I recognised the importance of research and its role in improving services, which is demonstrated by attainment of my PhD, publications of papers and guidelines, and seminal textbooks. These endeavours led to my appointment in 2007 as a SCD Consultant in the UK, a year before the GDC recognised the specialty, and 2 years later, I became the President of the British Society for Disability and Oral Health which lobbied nationally to promote and develop oral care for people with disabilities.


I am particularly keen on supporting others on their leadership journeys, particularly those of a BAME background, and provide formal coaching and mentoring (I have undertaken a certificate programme in transformational coaching to help me do this).



Married for 27 years to a fabulous husband and busy Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon 

Two wonderful children - 24 year old son and 20 year old daughter

One brilliant sister and countless extended family


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