Resources for Managing Your Mental Load

Hanging Mental Load


How to manage mental load while navigating the complexities of balancing our careers and parenting responsibilities?

Leaders Plus have a number of free resources to support you as you navigate ambitious careers around family life. Access everything you need to thrive not survive below.

Free Mental Load Questionnaire

Our free download primes you with 10 simple questions all couples should ask themselves while discussing mental load.

It includes a helpful responsibility matrix so you can split household chores fairly and ensures you approach the day-to-day running of the house as a team.

Download the FREE Questionnaire

Listen to the Big Careers, Small Children Podcast

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast

There are a number of episodes of our 5* rated Big Careers, Small Children podcast which would be helpful to listen for dual career couples to listen to, including:

Episode 168: Dr. Ana Catalano Weeks - Managing Mental Load While Balancing Careers and Parenthood

Episode 15: Ruth and Colin Stuart - a podcast with one of our Fellows and her husband about how they divided responsibilities

Episode 68: Catherine O'Brien - sharing the mental load and finding time for your partner 

Find Big Careers, Small Children on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you normally get your podcasts. Or search through the episodes here.

Couples Support on the Leaders Plus Fellowship and the Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship

Our award-winning Fellowship Programme is for ambitious parents who believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice progressing your career or spending time with your young children. 

As well as support from a courageous community of peers who are also juggling work and parenthood and expert guidance from a dedicated career Mentor, our Fellows  access a variety of masterclasses to help with some of the practical challenges that arise day-to-day. One such workshop is dedicated to supporting you as a couple and covers:

  • The latest research of what works for couples who combine ambitious careers and young children
  • A chance to explore together what works for you, what you both need, and how you can navigate potential barriers
  • Opportunity to hear from other couples who have successfully combined dual careers about what works

Find out more about the Leaders Plus Fellowship, download the brochure.

Download Leaders Plus Fellowship Brochure