Mallika Mathur Lhéritier


Mallika Mathur Lhéritier Group Chief Sustainability & Transformation Officer

Mallika is an accomplished Exco and Board Member with 23 years of international experience across 4 continents, 14 countries, and 10 companies in the financial services and consulting sectors.

Her expertise spans sustainability, digital, innovation, transformation, builing agile companies, managing operations, sales and marketing.  In contexts where complexity is the norm and adaptability is essential, she develops and executes strategy for transformative impact resulting in: 

• Revitalized core business and operations

• Reshaped organizations for customer and operational excellence

• Reinvented companies for market leadership and to future-proof growth.


She lives near Paris with her husband and two children. 

What is the best advice you’d like to share when it comes to combining a senior leadership career with raising young children?

Combining a senior leadership career with raising young children is a process that constantly requires adjustments along the way. Flexibility, adaptability, and self-compassion are key to finding the right balance for you and your family.  First, recognize that you can’t do it all so prioritize tasks ruthlessly, delegating where possible.  Second, clearly define your boundaries and communicate to colleagues, superiors, and family members. Third, set realistic expectations as careers zigzag or make detours until they reach their destination.   Fourth, focus on quality over quantity whether its at work or family.  Fifth, remember that it is perfectly OK to figure things out as you go along - no one has all the answers!



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