Lyndsey Ng – Programme Officer, Leaders Plus

Lyndsey Ng spent over 13 years in publishing, most recently as Senior Publicity Manager at Hodder & Stoughton. She worked across all areas of publicity, turned unknown authors into bestsellers, organised book tours for fiction and non-fiction authors, and helped acquire books within John Murray Press. Lyndsey has also worked at Penguin Books, Random House and Hachette UK. Having had her first child in 2016 she decided to take a break from publishing and take a different career direction.

In her role as Programme Officer, Lyndsey creates the best experience possible for the Fellows on our programme by overseeing the general running of the programme from the application process to the final event in the programme. Lyndsey also assists in the recruiting of Fellows and Mentors, helps set up partnerships with organisations, and develops sales and business opportunities with the CEO Verena Hefti. Lyndsey particularly enjoys seeing the development of Fellows throughout the programme and the relationships formed between Fellows which continue long after they have completed the programme.

As well as working at Leaders Plus, Lyndsey also works as a freelance publicist and events manager.

In her spare time Lyndsey volunteers at the Godalming Community Fridge which takes surplus food from local supermarkets and distributes it within the local community. This projects aims to divert food from supermarkets which would have otherwise have gone into landfill.

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