#22 Leaders with Babies – The Art of Negotiation: How to ask for a Pay Rise & Request Working From Home

Paul Fisher - Leaders With Babies Podcast

Episode 22 – The Art of Negotiation: How to ask for a Pay Rise & Request Flexible Working

It’s fair to say that Paul Fisher, Associate Fellow and Programme Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the Saïd Business School, is an expert when it comes to the art of negotiation and persuasion.

Paul kindly shares his expertise when it comes to successful negotiation at work, including how best to structure your argument when requesting things like pay rises, flexible working, and training opportunities.

He also shares the clear framework you can use to improve your chances of receiving a pay rise and advises on how you can set clear boundaries to support your negotiation.

The book recommended by Paul during this episode (Influence, by Robert Cialdini can be found here)

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This episode was recorded during Lockdown.

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