#46 Leaders with Babies – How to Prepare for the Primary School Transition

[SPECIAL EPISODE] How to Prepare for the Primary School Transition

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Is your child about to start school? Are you nervous about how you’ll manage this important transition, alongside juggling work?

In this special episode of the Leaders With Babies podcast Verena speaks to three Leaders Plus Fellows for their advice on managing the transition to Primary School. Including how to effectively communicate with your employer and partner, as well as other practical tips from parents who have been through it themselves.

Our guests Dr Suhana Ahmed – Consultant Psychiatrist (NHS), Lucy Duszczak – Digital Marketing Manager (YHA), and Elvira Klimova – Senior Psychiatric Nurse (NHS), have all successfully navigated the transition to Primary School whilst balancing work and family life.

They share:

  • the best advice they received for a smooth transition
  • how they practically made it work when their child was in the September ‘settling in’ period
  • strategies for communicating your needs to your employer and your partner

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This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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