#55 Leaders With Babies: Lucy Walker – How to Become a Non-Executive Director (NED) & Diversity on Boards

Lucy Walker - How to become a non-executive director

Are you interested in becoming a Non-Executive Director (NED)? Do you know what the role involves and where to find the best opportunities?

On this week’s Leaders With Babies podcast Verena chats to Non-Executive Director and Leaders Plus Fellow Lucy Walker about why you should consider becoming an NED, diversity on boards, plus Lucy’s journey combining two young kids with a board career.

Lucy shares her tips including:

  • Why it can help to be a Trustee first
  • Practical things Lucy did to make her applications stand out
  • How to structure your CV specifically for a NED role
  • Where to look for the best quality roles
  • 2 things anyone keen to become an NED can do today in just 10 minutes

Connect with Lucy on LinkedIn here or visit her company’s website www.aminsights.com.

Useful Resources Mentioned by Lucy
Women on Boards: www.womenonboards.net
Nurole: www.nurole.com 
Dynamic Boards: www.dynamicboards.co.uk
First Flight Non-Executive Directors: www.firstflightnonexec.com 

This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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