#42 Leaders with Babies – How to Work Part-Time in a Senior Role & Not Work Full-Time Anyway (Tips for Dropping Down to 3 or 4 Days)

Laura Harrison, Dropping Down to 3 or 4 Working Days

Laura Harrison - Leaders With Babies

This week we are delighted to welcome back HR Director and Leaders Plus Mentor Laura Harrison to the podcast.

Laura, who previously featured on episode 13  (sharing with us her thoughts on flexible working and building relationships, do check it out if you haven’t already) joins us again to look in detail at part time working for senior roles and offer practical advice for listeners keen to cut down their hours.

Just how can we make working part-time work effectively? Ensuring we’re not working full time hours for less pay, leaving us resentful and exhausted!

How can we successfully reduce both our tasks and responsibilities to make dropping down to 4, or 3 days achievable?

Laura shares her freshest thinking on part time working, and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the actionable steps you need to take to ensure you can make the change you want work best for you and the company.

We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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