#43 Big Careers, Small Children – How to Find a Sponsor for Career Growth

Fiona Jackson & Radhika Bajaj, How to Find a Sponsor for Career Growth

Sometimes you need more than a career mentor, you need a sponsor!

In this episode of Big Careers, Small Children (formerly known as Leaders With Babies), we focus on finding a sponsor and why exactly they are so crucial for your career.

So what is a sponsor? A sponsor is a senior leader who advocates for you, believes in you, and champions you at work and the evidence is very clear that having a sponsor makes a massive difference for the career progression of parents. Plus, it’s also very helpful for when you need to have those tough conversations around flexible working.

I chat with Leaders Plus Mentors Fiona Jackson and Radhika Bajaj to hear their real-life experience of finding a sponsor and how it benefitted their careers. Fiona is an award-winning expert in diversity and inclusion and Radhika is an experienced recruitment specialist team leader and both managed to find senior leaders to champion them early on in their career as working parents.

They share practical advice on how parents – especially mothers – can find, manage, and leverage a sponsor to help progress their careers.

We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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