#24 Leaders with Babies – How to Lead in a Crisis and why Biscuits and Handcream are Essential

Dr Suhana Ahmed Crisis Management

Dr Suhana Ahmed -How to Lead in a Crisis and why Biscuits and Handcream are Essential

It’s fair to say our guest on this week’s episode has been on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.

Dr. Suhana Ahmed is a Consultant Psychiatrist who leads an inpatient ward for the elderly.
Sadly many of her patients have caught Covid-19, and some tragically have lost their battle.

In this frank discussion, Dr. Ahmed shares how leading in a crisis such as the Coronavirus Pandemic has forever shaped her as a leader. The key learnings she has discovered during the past 8 weeks, as well the practical advice she would give to someone leading during a crisis right now.

There is also an honest chat about postnatal depression, the feeling of mum guilt, and how she juggles such a demanding and high profile role around her young son, Daniel.

Finally, Suhana shares why small and simple acts of kindness – like buying hand cream or a tin of biscuits – can make all the difference to the team during such times of crisis.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, despite the tough subject matter it is an incredibly empowering and uplifting conversation.

Suhana is part of the 2020 Cohort of the Leaders Plus Fellowship, her place has been partly sponsored by the NHS London Leadership Academy’s Women in Leadership Network. Find out more about the Fellowship Programme here.

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This episode was recorded in June 2020 during the Lockdown.

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