#25 Leaders with Babies – Dr Jennifer Petriglieri

Dr Jennifer Petriglieri – Surviving Lockdown! How Working Couples Can Thrive Whilst Juggling Careers & Home Schooling During Times of Crisis

Jennifer Petriglieri Leaders With Babies Podcast

The Coronavirus crisis and period of prolonged lockdown has posed some unique challenges for dual-career couples, many of whom are now juggling two busy workloads as well as homeschooling.

To help couples manage their family’s needs both at home and work and grow together during this stressful time we welcome back to the podcast Dr Jennifer Petriglieri. Jennifer is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD in France and the author of the brilliant book Couples That Work.

Regular listeners may remember that Dr Petriglieri first joined us back on episode 16 for discussion around the impact of relationships and how they can support career progression.

Following on from this the latest conversation focuses on times of crisis, like the current Coronavirus pandemic, and examines how dual-career couples can best support each other when juggling work, relationships as well as homeschooling demands when all under one roof 24/7.

Jennifer shares the practical steps that can be done this week to cope as a couple during this stressful period of change and insecurity, including the 3 essential things every couple must do if they are to thrive.

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This episode was recorded in June 2020 during the Lockdown.

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