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Alex Pang – How to Get More Done By Working Less & Convincing Your Employer on the Benefits of a 4 Day Week

Alex Pang - Leaders With Babies Podcast

Could a shorter 4-day working week or a shorter working day boost our productivity, improve our mental health, and increase our profitability?

Our guest this week Alex Pang believes so.

Alex is a former Silicon Valley tech-consultant and the author of an important new book titled ‘Shorter’, which is about how working less will revolutionise how companies get things done in the future.

Writing from his own personal experience, Alex noticed during how on sabbatical from work he suddenly became so much more productive. This led to him researching globally how resting more and working less could benefit both employee and employer.

In this episode, we chat about why exactly you get done more when you work less.

About how to set boundaries around time management, and importantly, about why parents are often some of the most productive people out there and why parenthood should incur a premium and not a penalty.

One of Alex’s revolutionary ideas is that a 4-day working week is what is going to change the future. He has done a huge amount of research to show that trimming down to 4 days does, in fact, make people more productive and crucially, makes companies turnover even more income.

He shares how best to approach your employer to advocate for a 4 day week, including how allies will be crucial to help persuade on the benefits. 

He also shares details of some of the progressive companies that have already implemented the 4 day week or condensed working hours and how they are reaping the surprising rewards of increased profitability and productivity!

You can follow Alex on Instagram and Twitter @askpang and Leaders Plus @leaders_plus.

Pick up a copy of Alex’s book Shorter on Amazon.


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This episode was recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

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