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Leaders Plus is an inspirational community of women and men who are combining leadership careers with looking after young children.

We aim to support each other through a positive supportive network - imagine #leaderswithbabies meets old boys network meets NCT group. We believe everyone has something to give to support other parents, you can see our approach here.

To apply to join as a member, please complete this application form. Once you have applied we will invite you to inspirational events and connect you with other Parent Leaders. This is a community for Parent Leaders from Parent Leaders, if you can, please contribute to the discussion via Twitter and Facebook and let us know if you can volunteer.

Once you have applied, we will let you know within five working days whether you have been successful. We are looking for people who want to develop themselves, want to be part of changing gender equality and are keen to be active in a movement for positive change. 

Knowing this helps us to offer opportunities that are relevant to you.
This helps us to offer events and support in the right locations.
This helps us to make sure the content we provide is relevant for the community.
This helps us to ensure that if there are lots of parents with many children we put on special events for them.
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