Big Careers, Small Children Podcast

It’s Official: We Have a New Name for our Podcast!

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast

By Verena Hefti

As the regular listeners of the Leaders with Babies podcast know, I have been grappling for a while with the name. I love Leaders with Babies but many of you told me that it puts some people off from listening because their ‘babies’ are actually 16! Our listener base is extremely loyal: to my surprise, we haven’t lost a single listener when I went 7 months on maternity leave.

But, it’s time for a new name as most of our listener’s babies have grown up.

We had countless suggestions from listeners, listeners contributing to various polls, second iteration polls etc etc. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us!


It’s  ‘The Big Careers Small Children Podcast’.

I think this reflects really well the ambition of the people listening to the podcast combined with the fact that they have small children, making it more inclusive than ‘babies’.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed with voting and name ideas!

Verena and the team



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