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How to Share the Mental Load with Your Partner

how to make a dual career couple work

Balancing careers and parenting responsibilities can be overwhelming for working parents.

As we navigate the complexities of balancing our careers and parenting responsibilities, here are some practical applications we’d like you to consider to manage your mental:

  • Have a weekly admin check: Establish open and transparent communication channels to discuss the division of household tasks and childcare responsibilities. Regular check-ins will help reassess and adjust our roles as needed.


  • Create a list of areas of responsibilities: Collaborate on creating a comprehensive list of tasks and duties, taking into account each other’s strengths, preferences, and availability. Flexibility is key as responsibilities may evolve over time, make a list of shopping, medical appointments, children’s birthday parties, laundry tasks and decide who leads on what.


  • Allow your partner to lead: Important decisions regarding family matters, finances, and children’s upbringing should be made together as a couple, ensuring that both the parents’ voices are heard and respected. Where your partner is accountable for things, allow him/her to lead on it and accept that they do it differently from you.


  • Prioritise self-Care: It’s important for both of us to prioritise self-care and personal interests outside of work and parenting. Support each other in finding time to prioritise your needs and grow as an individual.


  • Celebrate and value each other: Take time to celebrate achievements as a parenting team, acknowledging and appreciating each other’s contributions to the family and household responsibilities.


By implementing these changes and fostering a collaborative approach, you can reduce stress, strengthen your partnership, and cultivate healthy parenthood. Tune into our Big Careers, Small Children podcast where some of our inspiring guests discuss this topic.

You can find even more resources to manage Mental Load here.


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