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Hamish Reid – Manager within Accenture’s Talent and Organisation Practice

NameHamish Reid

Role: I am a Manager within Accenture’s Talent and Organisation Practice aligned to the Resources Industry. I work with a range of global clients to help them implement new digital ways of working to improve the employee experience. I’ve supported companies and governments with employee bases from 6,000 to 150,000 people. I am a specialist in learning, communications and stakeholder engagement and have led change teams for nine clients on four continents. You can find my company Shared Parental Leave profile here: https://www.accenture.com/gb-en/company-hamish-reid-shared-parental-leave

Childcare arrangements: My wife Vanessa a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor has taken a career break whilst our family is very small. So she looks after her during the week and works Saturday morning – during ‘Dad time!’ Once the family is a bit older I hope to reduce my days to give us some better balance.

Children: Clementine 3 and Florence 1 and a half.

Twitter handle@hamishreid

 1. Have you used skills learnt as parent in your career?

Absolutely – parenting has massively improved my patience and also perspective – I think I’m in less of a hurry and more accepting of things going wrong!

2. Has your leadership style changed after having children?

I think it’s perhaps made me more laid back and inclusive of different personality styles.

3. Why do you know you are a good enough parent?

Because I know my children are my absolute number one priority in life – as with everything you can only do your best – and it won’t be perfect, but it will be good enough! You simply have to have confidence that you’ve given it your best and will try and learn from your experience and improve as a parent as you go!

4. When do you love combining leadership roles with caring for children?

My children aren’t old enough to come to Bring Your Child to Work day but I can’t wait to take them! I love sharing the videos I make at work with my girls, and they love watching me on repeat until Vanessa is bored to tears! I love working for a company that is flexible enough to let me drop Clementine at Nursery on Mondays and Friday’s even though it means I get in late.

5.  What is the biggest barrier you have overcome?

Being one of the first men to take Shared Parental Leave and being very unusual in taking a full 8 months off. I got a lot of support from my peers and many of my leaders but one told me I had to choose between my family and my career – which only confirmed my conviction to take the leave.

6. What do you admire in parents?

So many things. Number one the huge sacrifices in lifestyle they made to provide me and my siblings with a private education, they’re absolute dedication to our development and sharing their passions with us.

7. Do you experience feelings of guilt?

Absolutely – I don’t think you can be a parent without some guilt! Do they eat enough? Have we made the right decisions about their education? Should we be more disciplined? Are our kids spoilt? The list is endless!

8. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Enjoy the ride more and don’t get so tied up about progressing career wise!

9. What are you still hoping for?

A lot of things! To be able to provide for my family, keep them safe and happy and to be able to enjoy watching them grow and flourish, to see more of the world, to provide more of a contribution to making it a better place.


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