Benefits and Impact of the Fellowship Programme

Looking for an overview of our most recent impact?

Our May 2022-2023 Impact Report is now published.

Benefits of the Fellowship Programme

No parent should have to choose between progressing their career and family.

Juggling an ambitious career whilst raising a young family can be an intense and isolating experience.

The award-winning Leaders Plus Fellowship offers targeted support to ensure parents can combine a successful, senior career without having to sacrifice being a present and engaged parent.

The Fellowship equips you with the tools to pursue the career you love on your own terms, giving you the confidence and skills to move forward in a way that works for you and your family.

100% of Leaders Plus Fellows who completed the 2022 programme have rated the impact of the Fellowship as positive.


Benefits and impact of the Fellowship
Nimisha HSBC - Fellowship Experience

Driving Change

Leaders Plus Fellows are a diverse community of change-makers with a shared mission - to positively impact the career progression of working parents. In future, no parent should have to choose between the career they love and family and we'll support you to drive this change.

Thought Leadership

Alongside a dedicated Senior Leader Mentor, our Fellows have exclusive access to world-class training as well as the latest research on how to progress your career as a parent. Our Fellowship forces you to think, ensuring that ideas and thoughts are translated into action.

Powerful Peer Support

Described as the 'NCT for professionals', Fellows forge deep connections with a powerful peer support network of parents juggling career progression and family. Our facilitators are skilled at creating safe spaces that challenge thinking but enable Fellows to support each other.

Benefits of the Fellowship

Why Join the Leaders Plus Fellowship?

  • Discover bold new ways to combine a big career with young children in a way that works for you
  • Develop the confidence to progress your career whilst being unapologetically a parent (no more apologising for leaving to do the school run!)
  • Receive practical advice on how to implement your ideas using our tried and tested framework
  • Access a welcoming community of like-minded professionals who share your belief that no parent should choose between career and family
  • Be the change for future parents - we encourage you to use your experience to support future generations
Career progression that works for you

We're incredibly proud that over half of the 2021 Fellowship cohort reported having been promoted or having received a more senior responsibility by the end of the programme. 

Impact of the Fellowship

Our external impact report highlights many positive changes experienced by parents who participate in our Fellowship Programme.

This includes

  • a huge increase in confidence levels among our Fellows
  • improvements in managing work/life balance
  • the power of our network which is instrumental in supporting our Fellows to achieve their vision for career and family
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