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Bhavna Savani, Corporate Finance Manager at Colart International Holdings Ltd, opens up about surviving the ‘terrible twos’, finding inspiration from her programme mentor and realising that wanting a successful career as a mother certainly isn’t selfish.

Tell us a little bit about your role and responsibilities at work

I work in finance and have a small team of AP clerks reporting in to me. Previously I worked as a project accountant and European Finance Manager having a larger team of accountants reporting directly into me.  My work is very ad-hoc depending on business needs but also working with management to complete month end reporting, forecasting, budgeting and external reporting.

Tell us about your family

I have two terror boys, my oldest everyone calls Kevin from Home Alone…he both looks like him and most definitely would scare any burglars with his tricks. My second son is going through his ‘terrible two’s’ very early, let’s hope this means they finish early.

What work/family arrangement do you have that enables you to continue your career?

I work part time hours (short days) and 2 days working from home. I also have a lot of help from my parent in-laws who help doing pickups and drop offs. My parents aren’t local therefore they help during school holidays.

What motivated you to apply for the Leaders Plus Fellowship programme?

I enjoyed the meetings we had at the Houses of Parliament  (I attended both the first 2). These always left me motivated and inspired to make the most of both my children and career and the fact that I could do both.

What 3 things did you learn about yourself on the programme?

  • That I was confident enough to speak in public (I was part of the panel for the closing session) This is something that I would never normally volunteer to do but I thoroughly enjoyed doing.
  • That I shouldn’t feel selfish to want both a successful career and a happy family.
  • That asking for help and not trying to do everything myself is ok. 

What was the highlight of the programme for you?

Meeting such amazing women both fellows and mentors. I am still in touch with my mentor. She has helped me in many ways and has been available to me for guidance in both my professional and personal career.

Was there anything that surprised you about the programme?

How much I enjoyed the workshops. When going to the first session I was unmotivated thinking it would be another one of those trainings you attend and then forget when you go back to your normal day job and routine but this was completely different. I still feel motivated from my learnings and inspired by meeting the other successful women.


What does the future hold for you and your family?

We recently moved home and have just enjoyed our first Christmas here. I’m hoping this will be our forever home!


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