Helping Employers Support Their Working Parents

Our employer partners join a community of forward thinking senior decision makers who are serious about addressing the Gender Pay Gap.

They see retention of working parents as key to sustainability, and want to address issues around mid career progression for women, whose careers too often stall as soon as they have children.

They understand that working parents are a critical part of the workforce, with over 80% of women having children by the age of 45. (ONS 22)

They support inclusive career progression for all, and believe no one should feel forced to choose between a senior career and young children.


Leaders Plus Employer Partners
86% of working parents want to progress their careers but only 30% think career progression is likely with their current employer.
44% of working parents would not recommend their employer mostly due to lack of support
Nearly one quarter of working parents have moved employers because of their caring role.
60% of working parents decided against applying for promotion due to caring responsibilities


*Data from our latest research report Career Progression Gaps - the next frontier


We know that being a working parent can have a significant impact on career progression:

  • between the ages of 30-40 (when most women have children), the gender pay gap increases by more than 10%
  • with every child, the pay gap increases by a further 3%

We also know that as many as 4 in 5 working parents are looking for new roles at any time, and that lack of support from their employer to progress their career while raising children is a primary motivator.

This equates to a huge loss of exceptional talent for employers, particularly at senior levels, and we know that high levels of attrition in this demographic (including the ~80% of women who have children by the age of 45, ONS 2022) are a cost that organisations can no longer afford to bear - financially, or ethically.


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Are you doing enough to demonstrate to your working parents that you will adequately support them if they choose to progress their careers?

As an employer committed to addressing the Gender Pay Gap, you must consider the Parental Career Progression Gap as part of your strategy.


The Leaders Plus Fellowship can help.


5 Goals We Help Employers Achieve

By supporting working parents through the Leaders Plus Fellowship employers can:

1. Increase gender equality in senior leadership teams, an essential part of gender pay gap action plans (in line with ESG & DEI targets).

60% of Fellows received promotion or additional senior responsibility (e.g. board role) by the end of the programme.

2. Build a better future by transforming working lives.

88% of Fellows report having supported other parents as a direct result of the Fellowship on average each Fellow estimated that they supported 9.5 other parents they wouldn’t have supported otherwise.

3. Support employee wellbeing and become an employer of choice for working parents.

60% increase in Fellows’ confidence in overcoming work/life challenges and 100% of Fellows rated the impact of the Fellowship as positive.

 4. Increase employee engagement and performance.

At the end of the Fellowship 85% of Fellows said they rate themselves as ‘engaged at work’ compared to 9% of the UK workforce (Gallup).

5. Save money by retaining top talent and supporting their progression. ­

53% of Fellows were either promoted or had received additional responsibility by the end of the programme, with more expected in the 12 months post completion.


Data from Spring 2022 Cohort Impact Highlights (Fellowship Completed in Dec 2022) 


Employer Partner Case Studies

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Fellowship Impact

100% of Fellows rated the Programme as having a "highly positive" or "positive" impact *Spring 2022 Leaders Plus Fellowship Cohort
80% felt more confident in balancing their career with looking after children *Spring 2022 Leaders Plus Fellowship Cohort
85% of Fellows said they rate themselves as "engaged at work" compared to 9% of the workforce *Spring 2022 Leaders Plus Fellowship Cohort
47% felt more confident that they have the knowledge and tools to progress their career *Spring 2022 Leaders Plus Fellowship Cohort
60% of Fellows were promoted or achieved a significant increase in responsibility *Spring 2022 Leaders Plus Fellowship Cohort

What is the Fellowship?

The Leaders Plus Fellowship is an award-winning career development programme helping to retain parents and enabling them to progress their senior careers whilst enjoying their children. This ultimately addresses the gender gap in senior leadership. 

Employers offer places on our Leaders Plus Fellowship to their parent employees because they want to be an employer of choice and retain talented parents, saving recruitment costs in the process.

Parents apply because they want to receive expert support to progress their careers alongside family responsibilities and join a community of changemakers.

When I was a new parent, advancing my career seemed an impossible jigsaw. In the end, I succeeded through a combination of luck, hard work, and muddling through but schemes like Leaders Plus could have made an enormous difference. That’s why I am so pleased to be Mentoring this year and supporting one of our leaders to take part in the Programme. Claire Walker Co-Executive Director British Chamber of Commerce
Leaders Plus has been a worthwhile investment, both for me and for my company. I completed the Fellowship in 2020 and was at that time a Senior Consultant. With the support of Leaders Plus and the mentorship of Ruth Grant [ her Leaders Plus Mentor, retired partner at Hogan Lovells], I was able to secure a promotion to Group Leader by Feb 2021. The fact that my company was prepared to invest in this programme on my behalf really made me feel valued and thatI had a future there, as well as proving that they understood the difficulties faced by parents.” Dr Kate Coleman, Frazer Nash
I can highly recommend Leaders Plus to other employers who want to address gender equality in senior roles and ensure parents are included in the workplace. - Andrea Metherell Head of Talent & Inclusion, Ørsted People Development
The combination of evidence from Leaders Plus and learning shared from our senior staff member who was part of the last Programme has been invaluable. Would very much recommend this Programme to other organisations who are serious in wanting to tackle gender equality. Susan Mears Director: People Bible Society

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