Cris Cosgrave – Innovation and Development Manager, Colart

Cris Cosgrave - Innovation and Development Manager, Colart and Leaders Plus Fellow

Cris Cosgrave is the Innovation and Development Manager at Colart, a company which envisions inspiring every artist.

She leads a team of dedicated chemists’ creating innovative fine art paint products and developing creative ideas from conception to product launch.

Her passion and technical know-how were recognised at the Product Development Centre, AkzoNobel,  as Formulator of the year 2016.

Cris is particularly proud that one of the projects she has led on, Cadmium Free Range on Professional Acrylic Paints, was nominated for the Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards in 2018.

Cris’s values and vision as an innovator includes focussing on the most efficient and sustainable ways forward in product development.

Cris lives in Southwest London with her husband and young son.