Career Progression Gaps: The Next Frontier

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The Big Parent Career Choices Survey 2023 asked working parents to share what career progression - and, critically, the employer support needed to progress - really looked like to them.

No assumptions, no blanket policies, no "you should"s or "I thought you would"s.

878 respondents kindly shared their stories, and the data collected told a sad but unsurprising tale. 

The Gender Pay Gap is really a Parent Progression Gap.

Our research found that while parents have the appetite to progress into senior roles, and often consider their parental roles to have enhanced key skills such as productivity, career progression can often appear inaccessible to them.

This Progression Gap disproportionately impacts women, and we know from other research bodies that women from minoritised backgrounds will face additional barriers to progression.

We know that 4 in 5 women have children by the time they are 45 (ONS 22), yet 50% of the women we surveyed said that they think having children holds back their career progression.

The data is clear, any employer who is serious about addressing the Gender Pay Gap must take action to support working parents and close the Parent Progression Gap. 

Leaders Plus Career Progression gaps: the next frontier. Research findings on parents' career ambitions, and how employers can retain and support them.

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We hope this report will serve as a springboard for conversations among senior leaders and change makers, and we hope organisations will take forward many of the recommendations included.

If you are an employer who would like to discuss ways in which you can support working parents in your organisation, please do get in touch with our team, who would be happy to help.


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