Would You Like to Share Your Idea With Us?

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When: Monday 25 November 2019, 8.30am – 10.30am
Where: Rawthmells Coffeehouse, RSA House near Chairing Cross


We are delighted to be hosting a breakfast event in partnership with the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce and are looking for individuals to speak who have pioneered bold ideas to support parents at work within their organisations.

Those ideas are likely to be designed to make an impact on the gender pay gap and gender equality.

Ideal speakers are likely to be board members, exec leaders, HR Directors or D&I Directors.

Speakers will share their idea for 4 minutes in a fast-paced, high energy and informal environment.

Speakers may be in the early stage of implementation or have implemented already, or indeed some speakers will be in the planning stage.

We’re also looking for speakers who have implemented the ideas within the organisations they work for, and started to see some of the results and learning to emerge from them.

Event Audience: board members, exec leaders and HR Directors across sectors and organisations.

If this is of interest, please email Verena Hefti (verena@leadersplus.org) with 2-3 lines outlining your ideas, including what your bold idea is, how you have implemented it and what the impact has been so far or what you have learned so far.