#79 Big Careers, Small Children: Claire Ferreira – Mums in Marketing

Big Careers, Small Children - ep79 - Claire Ferreira - Mums in Marketing - Leaders Plus

Today’s podcast guest is Claire Ferreira, an NLP Coach and the Founder of Mums in Marketing, a free community connecting “women who do marketing and raise humans”.

Verena and Claire compare notes about how to create a peer support community with impact (like Mums in Marketing and the Leaders Plus Fellowship) and why this is so incredibly important for working parents.

There is also a powerful two-way conversation about losing confidence at work after having children, imposter syndrome and mental health. Verena and Claire share practical advice on how to overcome challenges, including silencing your internal doubter when asking to be paid fairly.

In this episode…

  • Imposter syndrome – how it might show up and strategies that may be helpful 
  • Mental health challenges and how having children can be a seismic shift  for some
  • Parenting without family support nearby
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others
  • The magic sauce when it comes to creating a powerful, transformative community 

Enjoy this week’s discussion and as always please let us know your thoughts @leaders_plus.

Find out more about the brilliant Mums in Marketing community at www.mumsinmarketing.net

Connect with Claire Ferreira on LinkedIn here.

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