#86 Big Careers, Small Children: Ian Dinwiddy

Big Careers, Small Children - ep86 - Ian Dinwiddy - Inspiring Dads

‘Dadvocate’ Ian Dinwiddy is the founder of Inspiring Dads, a platform designed to help dads balance the complexities of modern life and fatherhood.

Management Consultant Ian and his partner Lisa (a lawyer) have made what some might see as bold decisions regarding their parenting setup. When their daughter Freya was born they took the decision that Ian would step back from his career to look after her and he has gone on to become the main carer for their two children.

We discuss:

  • How dads can be brave and go beyond social expectations
  • How to deal with the inevitable judgement from yourself and your peers when you challenge expectations
  • Gender equality at home and work and how they influence each other
  • What organisations can do support dads to take shared parental leave and how to remove barriers
  • What men really talk about and why most men are more supportive of change than you might think
  • Why when you connect men together to share stories and experiences it’s incredibly powerful
  • The one thing every dad can do to move closer to the work/home setup they’d really like
  • The huge pressure faced by dads who are the main breadwinner but who also want to be present parents

This was such a powerful and valuable conversation and we hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more about the Inspiring Dads platform at www.inspiringdads.co.uk. Connect with Ian Dinwiddy on LinkedIn and Twitter

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