#83 Big Careers, Small Children: Amy Gibbs

Big Careers, Small Children - ep83 - Amy Gibbs - CEO Birthrights

Joining us today is Leaders Plus Fellow Amy Gibbs. Amy is CEO of Birthrights, a powerful charity championing human rights in childbirth.

Working part-time in a senior role is (sadly) still an exception and not the norm and Amy describes her journey to becoming a CEO and taking the top position, including how she makes her role work 4 days a week.

Amy also shares her wonderfully honest reflections on setting boundaries, work-life balance and why it’s essential we all prioritise a little more self-care. Rest snacks are just one way to do this, she explains how.

Plus the conversation covers:

  • How to become a CEO and the skills needed
  • Working flexibly in a senior role
  • Why having half days off never works
  • Getting over the idea that we have to work and be present all the time
  • Setting effective boundaries that work for you
  • Burn out  and reaching out if you’re struggling
  • Why we all need to take more rest snacks
  • 3 practical tips for moving to 4 days a week

Honesty always makes for the best conversations so we really hope you enjoy our frank discussion.

Connect with Amy on Twitter @amylwgibbs

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