#61 Leaders With Babies: Being an Exec Director whilst having young children

Flora Letanka podcast

Being an Exec Director whilst having young children

Welcome to Series 5, Episode 61 of The Leaders With Babies Podcast.

Flora Letanka is Executive Director for Network Development at Teach First, the largest educational charity in the UK. She is  in charge of mobilising high-impact networks of Teach First alumni, schools and others, to ensure that every child gets an outstanding education.

She is also a mum to three young children.

Here she speaks to Verena Hefti, Leaders Plus CEO and Founder, about being an Exec Director whilst having young children.

She discusses:

– How to remain visible whilst on maternity leave and keep progressing your career
– Working with your maternity cover to ensure the best outcomes
– What is needed for an Exec Director role
– Failures and challenges she has experienced
– Parental guilt

Follow Verena on Twitter at @vhefti and Leaders Plus @leaders_plus.

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