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By joining the Fellowship, you are building a positive movement for change and tackling a root cause of the gender pay gap.

We have now opened applications for our Cross-Sector Fellowship all year round, to allow you to find the best time to squeeze in 30 minutes to complete your application in between feeding children and attending leadership meetings. 

As a Fellow, you will join a community of like-minded peers who share the vision that no parent should have to choose between progressing their career and family.



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We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis to enable adequate time to secure employer funding before each cohort begins.

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Why become a Leaders Plus Fellow?

The benefits of the Fellowship extend far beyond your 9 months on the Programme.

100% of our latest cohort have rated the impact of the Fellowship on their career as positive.

Furthermore, over half of our 2021 cohort have reported being promoted or having received a more senior responsibility by the end of the programme.

Our Fellowship Criteria

As a social enterprise, we are committed to driving change for working parents,

We are looking for individuals who are

  • passionate about their careers
  • will contribute to the peer network and
  • drive a positive movement for change

You can access all the information you need to apply via the application form which is emailed immediately after you complete the short online form above.

Leaders Plus Cross Sector Fellowship Criteria
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