Amy Scrivener – Advanced Audiologist, UCLH

Amy Scrivener, Advanced Audiologist at the Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals (UCLH), is an experienced clinician whose area of expertise lays in the assessment and treatment of tinnitus and balance disorders in adults. She has led on several clinical improvement projects including audits on the Audiology Led Pathways and the Ototoxicity Service. She is a member of UCLH’s Patient Experience and Engagement Committee. She has presented on balance topics at The Hallpike Symposium and demonstrated as part of the Queen Square Dizziness Course.

Amy was redeployed during COVID-19 peak period to the PPE Taskforce providing training and hands on support for clinicians. She has been nominated for a UCLH kindness award and she won three awards for achievements during her degree studies. Amy lives in Islington with her husband and two young sons who are at school and nursery.