About Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is a social enterprise supporting talented men and women with young children so that they can progress in their leadership careers whilst at the same time enjoy their young family.

Our award-winning Fellowship Programme gives access to an external peer support network, high-quality training, mentoring and inspiring role models, enabling parents to thrive in their leadership role.

Our Vision

We believe that gender inclusion at work and at home means no parent has to make the choice between pursuing a leadership career and leading a fulfilled family life.

We work towards a world where no one has to choose between becoming a top level senior leader and enjoying their young children.

We help create a more equal world where you have the same chance of becoming a CEO regardless of gender, family circumstances or background.

We aim to be globally recognized thought leaders in creating equal career progression.

We create a platform for a global community of changemakers helping people get to and thrive in senior roles whilst enjoying their young families.

Our Mission

We help parents progress ambitious leadership careers through:

  • World-class evidence-informed interventions and programmes that support career progression
  • An alumni movement that drives change for parents in organisations and communities
  • Being a thought leader in how individuals and organisations can create equal career progression and create new blueprints for helping parents thrive in senior roles and enjoy their families

Our Principles

  • Be courageous: we foster bold thinking and action
  • Evidence and research: our work is rooted in evidence base wherever possible
  • Community for change: we create a platform for individuals and organisations to support each other and drive change together
  • Live life in its fullness: we support those we work with to integrate what they love in their life
  • Leadership: we are not bound by convention & take responsibility for outcomes

Our Impact

You can download and read the latest Leaders Plus Impact Evaluation here.

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Leaders Plus is an award-winning Social Enterprise.

Gender Equality Facts

The number of FTSE 100 companies which are currently led by female executives.
Percentage of people who believe women are less committed at work once they have a child.
A man's flexible working request is twice as likely to be rejected compared to a woman's.
Between age 30 & 40, the gender pay gap increases by 11.3% from 5.7% to 17% (full time employment).