Abi Hayes


ABI HAYES Director, Department for Transport

Abi is Director at the Department for Transport, having previously held senior leadership roles as Strategy Director at the DfT, Director responsible for industrial relations legislation and Director for the Government’s Covid strategy on public transport. Before this she held a variety of roles on security, resilience and government strategy, as well as working in the Middle East and East Africa.She has a Masters in global society and international communications from Staffordshire University, and a literature degree from the University of Kent.


She has two young daughters and shares everything more or less equally (depending on whose work is busiest at the time!) with her husband who is a CEO in the tech sector. She is on a constant mission to find the right ‘balance’ between all of her responsibilities and having some fun and looking after herself – ‘The things that make a difference for me are finding time to read, walk and spending time with my friends. My one key piece of advice for parents looking to progress their career is… there isn’t one. I have hoovered up thoughts and ideas from everyone on managing the juggle but I have realised it is so personal that I am the only one who knows what works for me and my family. So pick what works for you and own it!’

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