#99 Big Careers, Small Children: Dr. Christian Busch

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep99 - Dr. Christian Busch - Luck & Serendipity

What if being lucky wasn’t just by chance but a skill that you could master?

Our guest this week is Dr. Christian Busch, the best-selling author of Connect the Dots: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck and a Professor at New York University.

Christian has spent years exploring the connection between chance encounters and new professional opportunities and has fantastic insights on how we can all leverage luck to our advantage.

There were so many lightbulb moments during the discussion and plenty of practical tips we can all act on to improve our lives, both personally and professionally.

We discuss:

  • What exactly is serendipity and how to cultivate more of it in our lives
  • How to build a muscle so we can be better prepared for the unexpected
  • How to address self-limiting beliefs
  • How we can leverage the superpower of extroverts to our advantage

Connect with Christian on Twitter @ChrisSerendip

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