#95 Big Careers, Small Children: Karen Squires

Big Careers, Small Children - ep95 - Karen Squires

Ever felt like you’re not living up to your full potential and wished you could change your career? 

Karen Squires is an A&E Consultant at the Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, but her career actually started in hairdressing.

After re-evaluating her life in her mid-20s and feeling that she wasn’t reaching her true potential, Karen made the brave decision to take a leap and pursue a career in medicine.

In this chat with Verena Hefti MBE, Karen shares how she trusted her gut instinct to follow her career dreams. Together they explore why our careers don’t always need to go from A to B and how the meandering path can still move you closer to your goals.

Karen also shares her experience of being an older mother alongside progressing in her career. Including her diagnosis of secondary infertility and the multiple rounds of IVF, she and her partner endured before having their much longed-for second daughter.

Working in emergency medicine is a pressurised environment. Karen has fantastic advice for dealing with this whilst still being a present parent.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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