#93 Big Careers, Small Children: Alice Kan

Big Careers, Small Children - ep93 - Alice Kan

Today’s guest knows a thing or two about working under huge pressure after being headhunted to direct the development of the manufacturing process and facility to produce the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Alice Kan is the Pharmaceutical Director at Kan Do Ventures and one of the UK’s Top 50 Women in Engineering. In this episode,  Alice shares what she has learned from managing the vaccine roll out whilst balancing her family commitments, including raising two teenage children.

A “recovering perfectionist” Alice cares deeply about working hard, having purpose and making a difference. She speaks passionately about setting boundaries and making choices that work for your family whilst progressing your career.

We discuss:

  • Finding a job with purpose
  • Challenging sexism, racism and misogyny in the workplace
  • Setting boundaries
  • Recovering from perfectionism and why good enough is okay
  • Identifying when you’re in flow and finding happiness

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Find out more about Alice Kan at www.kandoventures.com

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