#91 Big Careers, Small Children: Wendy Merricks

Big Careers, Small Children - ep91 - Wendy Merricks

“Children are not going to come to any harm because you work full time,” says our guest today Wendy Merricks.

Wendy is the CEO and Founder of Jumar, a group of companies in the IT sector and a Senior Leader Mentor on the Leadership Fellowship Programme.

Growing up in inner-city Birmingham in a working-class family, Wendy has worked hard to get to the most senior positions, always believing that she was capable of anything she put her mind to.

A mother of two boys (now in their 20s) born in quick succession, Wendy has always worked full-time whilst ensuring that when she is with the children, she is truly present.

She is a passionate advocate that having children should not be a career inhibitor and her company, Jumar, prides itself on looking out for employees and ensuring workers have a good work-life balance.

We discuss:

  • Why working full time will not harm your children
  • Practical tips if you’re struggling with self-belief
  • Why setting goals and taking small steps can lead to big positive changes
  • IVF and why it’s important to engage your employer and ask for support

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