#90 Big Careers, Small Children: Guy Duncan Neale

Big Careers, Small Children - ep90 - Guy Duncan Neale

Can you work as a senior leader in a fast-paced industry like banking and set boundaries around your working hours? Our guest today is proof you can.

Guy Duncan Neale is Head of Global Internal Audit Transformation at HSBC and leads a team of international senior internal auditors and change-makers within the bank.

Following a cancer diagnosis, Guy reflected on the priorities in his life and decided he would limit his working hours to ensure he could be present with his family. He is a real change-maker and is vocal about the fact that whilst pursuing his big career he remains disciplined with his working hours, something that is unusual in a sector known for very long working hours.

In this episode, Guy shares his tips for other working parents, including:

  • How to practically manage your set working hours
  • How to set boundaries at work
  • How to communicate with your line manager and team about your working hours
  • How to build trust in organisations
  • How to learn to be truly present with your kids
  • Why you can’t do everything for everybody
  • Why having work email on your personal phone isn’t recommended

Guy is also a senior leader Mentor on the Leaders Plus Fellowship and informs and advises many other working parents on combining a leadership career and family.

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Show Notes:

Book – 4000 Weeks and How to Use them (Oliver Workman)

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