#89 Big Careers, Small Children: Suzy Reading

Big Careers, Small Children - ep89 - Suzy Reading - Self Care

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your conflicting priorities?

Our guest today is Suzy Reading, a Chartered Psychologist, author and specialist in self care and well being.

Suzy knows the science behind well being and shares how, as busy working parents, we can look after ourselves when under pressure without feeling like it’s something else we need to tick on our to-do list.

We discuss:

  • Why self care is actually health care
  • How to practically put yourself first (or at least make sure it’s you as well!)
  • Why self care doesn’t have to be like you see on Instagram
  • The importance of green gazing and what it does for your nervous system
  • 3 simple things we can all do to help restore our energy levels when overwhelmed

Connect with Suzy:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suzyreading
Website: https://www.suzyreading.co.uk

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