#87 Big Careers, Small Children: Laurie Weingart

Big Careers, Small Children - ep87 - Laurie Weingart - the No Club

Do you ever struggle with saying no at work?

Our guest today is Laurie Weingart, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Carnegie Mellon University and Co-Author of the brilliant book No Club: Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead-End Work, she is an expert at saying no.

The No Club has a fascinating back story. It began when Laurie and a group of friends came together disheartened by the fact they were working harder than ever but still trailed far behind their male colleagues.

Vowing to get their work lives under control they resolved to say no to requests that pulled them away from the work that mattered most to their careers – the non-promotable tasks.

Laurie shares her expert advice on how we can all make small, yet significant changes to our workload without stalling our careers or facing backlash for saying no. We discuss:

  • what the research says about saying no
  • why unrewarded work is more likely to fall to women
  • why saying no is actually crucial for promotion
  • the easy 3 step process for identifying your own non-promotable tasks
  • how you can learn to say no so you can do more of the work you love

Connect with Laurie and find out more about the No Club at www.thenoclub.com.

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