#84 Big Careers, Small Children: Lauren Seager-Smith

Big Careers, Small Children - ep84 - Lauren Seager-Smith - Kidscape

Our guest today is Lauren Seager-Smith FRSA, CEO of the bullying prevention charity Kidscape and a Mentor on the Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme.

Lauren is one of a small but growing number of CEOs with younger children and she shares her experience of working in a senior position whilst juggling the reality of small kids.

She has many years of experience providing expertise and guidance relating to all forms of bullying and in this episode she shares practical advice for dealing with bullying both in the workplace and at home with our children.

We also talk about looking after yourself in times of extreme intensity, something Lauren has experienced when her parents both suffered mental health breakdowns not long after she gave birth to her second child.

Our conversation includes:

  • How to know when you’re being bullied
  • Where you can go for support for yourself and your children
  • Why we all would benefit from a wider circle of support and how to find it
  • The challenges of being the ‘sandwich generation’ caring for children and parents
  • Self-care tips and why this is so important

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BOOK: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
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