#77 Big Careers, Small Children: Jane Galloway, Head of Flexible Working – NHS England & Founder Quiet the Hive

Big Careers, Small Children - ep77 - Jane Galloway, Head of Flexible Working, NHS England

Our guest today is Jane Galloway, Head of Flexible Working for NHS England and the Founder of the brilliant Quiet the Hive, a community that helps women identify the life they want and arms them with the tools and confidence to go get it.

Jane is incredibly passionate that flexible working should be for all and she shares fantastic advice that will be very helpful if you’re looking to make a change to your working pattern, whether you’re working within the NHS or for any other organisation.

But what happens if your manager or senior leaders within your organisation don’t share your vision for flexiblity? Jane shares with us how best to position your request and advocate for change in the workplace.

There’s also a brilliant conversation about silencing your inner critic, why finding your tribe will truly help you progress your career, and (following discussion around some beautiful and memorable earrings) why we shouldn’t save our favourite clothes for best.

Our chat also includes:

  • Why Jane has chosen to set up her own company alongside working for the NHS and bringing up her two children
  • How to position your flexible working request in the NHS (or any other organisation)
  • How to deal with individuals who are against flexible working
  • Why we need more work-life harmony 
  • How to silence your inner critic
  • Why it’s critical you find your tribe
  • Why you shouldn’t save things ‘for best’

During the episode, we mention a Flexible Working Guide which you can download via the Leaders Plus website. Access the guide here.

Connect with Jane on LinkedIn here and find out more about her work supporting women with Quiet the Hive.

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